FEI Officials Caught Out Falsifying Documents and Results

FEI Officials Caught Out Falsifying Documents and Results

Chairman Lord Stevens of Quest Global Ltd and the FEI Equestrian Community Integrity Unit (ECIU) highlighted the increasing number of reports of misconduct.

“[The] ECIU continued to do many investigations and, in the past year, the ECIU understood a number of investigations that came to the ECIU’s attention from various sources, such as grooms, riders, horse enthusiasts and the media.

“Some examples of the concerns were allegations of bribery, bullying and manipulations of results. There had been an increase of the number of reporting. 152 reports were made to the ECIU last year [2017], compared to 136 in 2016.”

Based on indefensible evidence and two ongoing equipment testing cases whereby leaders of the FEI have been found guilty of conspiring to falsify documents and results.

Further, this reprehensible misconduct challenges the integrity of the FEI website content and the false results being published.

The equestrian community has raised serious concerns of how many other cases the FEI have tried to cover up, which could include drug testing results.
Riders who have contacted the FEI requesting reports and answers to their questions have been blatantly ignored.

Therefore, they are calling on FEI stakeholders to take control and demand transparency, including an independent enquiry to compel the FEI President and other officials mentioned below to provide the correct reports and results to us.

The FEI is rightfully facing scathing criticism from the equestrian community for failing to honour the FEI Constitution, and their own rules and processes enshrined within, and failing to remove the false claims and results made on the FEI website.

The names of several FEI officials involved in two equipment testing scandals, who stand accused of using lies, deception and falsified information to cover up serious acts of corruption have been released to the global equestrian community.
Despite attempts made by the FEI to prevent conflicts of interest and corruption claims, including introducing a new equipment testing rule and process in 2018, the following FEI officials, whose actions breach the FEI Constitution, now face intense public scrutiny:
  • Mr. Ingmar De Vos - FEI President
  • Ms. Aine Power - FEI Legal Department
  • Ms. Anne Milne - FEI Dressage Department
  • Ms. Chloe Harty - FEI Dressage Department
  • Mr. Mikael Rentsch - FEI Legal Department
  • Ms. Bettina De Rhams - FEI Dressage Department
  • Ms. Sabrina Ibáñez - FEI Secretary General
  • Mr. Frank Kemperman - FEI Dressage Committee Chairman
These offenders were given the opportunity to deny the claims that they had conspired to falsify documents and results, but have failed to do so. Their involvement in two cases of unethical equipment testing has attracted the interest of stakeholders and the media, who view their actions as grievous infringements on the FEI Constitution, Code of Ethics and equipment testing rules. Speaking on behalf of individuals who have voiced their opinion on the cases of the WTP NP Bit and the STS Stirrup Irons, Mr. Adrian Morgante of the WTP Bit company says: “These individuals operate a culture of corruption. “We have been in correspondence with the FEI since 2014 and, at every turn of the equipment testing process, we have witnessed the hypocrisy and sheer arrogance of these officials whose reprehensible conduct violates the very reputation of the FEI. “These are the individuals who we entrust to protect the safety and welfare of horses and riders. Yet, they continuously allow personal and commercial interests to interfere with their integrity, nullifying the FEI Constitution and endangering the lives of horses and riders. “We have provided the FEI with numerous opportunities to deny claims of corruption. However, they have taken a stance of tactical silence. Therefore, I now make the following allegations against the FEI officials listed above:
  • These individuals knowingly and willingly deceived the National Federations and members of the public on the matters of the WTP NP Bit and the STS Stirrup Irons.
  • They have published falsified information and results in relation to the approval status of both pieces of equipment that is false and misleading, in attempts to prevent their approval.
  • Unless they can produce evidence that these pieces of equipment were not approved under FEI equipment testing rules and process, the WTP NP Bit and STS Stirrup Irons are approved for use in all FEI competitions, including Dressage and Eventing.
Over a period exceeding four years, Mr. Morgante has requested the evidence required to resolve the WTP NP Bit case. However, the FEI officials involved have conspired to prevent the release of the following information and reports, which breaches the FEI Constitution:

WTP NP Bit Case

  • 2014 Working Equipment Group testing reports
  • Alleged 2016 Working Equipment Group testing reports
  • Independent investigative report conducted by the ECIU into the matter of the WTP NP Bit requested by the FEI on 4 December 2017

STS Irons Case

  • The meeting minutes of the FEI Eventing committee held 23-24 March 2018
  • All Equipment Working Group testing reports, including those completed prior to 13 June 2018 and following 13 June 2018
  • Evidence of the falsified documentation signed by Mr. Frank Kemperman issued on 25 July 2018 and falsely backdated to 26 June 2018
  • The outcome of equipment testing, which was due to be advised by 30 June 2018
“To prevent conflicts of interest and corruption claims, FEI officials must provide all testing reports in accordance with the FEI equipment testing rule and process, or immediately after completion, thereby supporting its implementation. “In both cases, requests for the testing reports have been ignored or refused by the FEI, violating the FEI Constitution and Code of Ethics that compels officials to provide information in a timely fashion that is accurate, complete and objective. “If after receiving this press release, the FEI officials listed above remain unwilling to cooperate and unresponsive to our allegations, we deem them complicit in the cover-up of both equipment testing scandals and recommend disciplinary action, including dismissal.”
Disclaimer: We have given the FEI and the offenders the opportunity to respond to and deny the claims and content of this press release before releasing it. However, they couldn’t deny the claims herein. 

Media Enquires

Mr. Adrian Morgante
WTP Bit Company
Email: [email protected]


In response to the matters of the WTP NP Bit and the STS Irons, stakeholders and media have made the following comments:
  • “The FEI states rider safety is paramount. However, they refuse to be transparent over this scandal.”
  • “The FEI system is so flawed they introduce new rules and processes, and then they breach them.”
  • “Looks like someone is getting a kickback.”
  • “After reading the STS document and watching the video it is very clear the FEI claims are completely flawed and should have been withdrawn, and the irons should have been approved.”
  • “We are entitled to the truth as our lives are being put at risk and if our family members are injured or killed, we will sue the FEI for $20 million dollars.”
  • “This is a sign of sheer arrogance and if the FEI President is not willing to now approve the WTP Bit, he should resign immediately.”
  • “[The FEI President] must have a vendetta against your company for exposing the truth.”
  • “This smacks of corruption.”
  • “So sad to know what you’re up against, corruption.”
  • “If you ask me, the whole regulation system for equipment and tack needs a big overhaul, especially considering the lack of an evidence-based and transparent process as you have experienced.”
  • “This is disgraceful. If they won’t supply the reports, it stinks of corruption and the FEI President should be sacked.”

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